album: So Much For Promises
genre: Ballad
streams: 47

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FORESEE   This place is full of words unspoken We brought the silence from outside So here we sit almost broken Getting lost in our inside fights.   I’m...
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How could we come so far...? Taken from the upcoming album "so Much For Promises".
04/02/10 09:35:54AM @milagre-dos-peixes:
I think I understand your style now and I have really enjoyed the simple approach you use and hope to hear much more. ftlpope
03/29/10 10:47:00PM @gene-smith:
I really like this tune. From a listener versus a musician 9I'm not good enough to review from a technical standpoint) viewpoint the mix is great, the layers are perfectly managed to keep me listening to see what's coming next, and the lyric is touching. This ones a download for me!


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