I'll Be With You

album: SIDEWAYS (with Ines Klassen)
genre: Acoustic
streams: 60

  Song Lyrics
I’LL BE WITH YOU   In times when you’re scared to lose your mind When the darkest haze had made you blind Your house of cards collapsed I’ll be with you....
  Song Information
A song love and trust. female vocals by Lorins Inés Klassen. Taken from the upcoming album "So Much For Promises".
I'll Be With You
04/11/10 01:23:14PM @mark-reed:
Nice work here, lovely set of lyrics. Liked the vocal seperation, it gave this that extra contrast. Nice touch with the string solo. An enjoyable little song nice one
Farrell Jackson
04/11/10 10:04:07AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the solo acoustic guitar and 2 vocals opening......nice violin filler! A very romantic song with lyric of chivalry.....can't go wrong with that combination, well done!



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