Seekers After Smooth Things
Seekers After Smooth Things

Ombre Pallide

genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 438

Ombre Pallide
10/28/09 09:23:41PM @000:
Creative as hell. I really like the use of the stereo field and use of effects. Awesome stuff! I will be back to hear more.Thanks
10/09/09 02:37:55PM @mark-cloutier:
love that intro than wham smacks ya in the face! rock n roll baby!nice work with mixing the guitars--great full sound and the drums sound terrific! pleasure tuning out to this! mark
10/15/09 05:00:58AM @robert-smith:
This is very creative and compelling. I'm really enjoying the layered sounds that build up the tension in this piece. Great imagery that you produce here.


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