Seekers After Smooth Things
Seekers After Smooth Things

Lords of Dischord

album: Mick Clack got tipsy on rum and black in the Corndolly
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 73
creation date: 2009-11-01

Lords of Dischord
09/14/10 03:14:12AM @spud:
Just listened to this on the headphones, my friend. Awesome mix, and the FX are great. The guitars and their friends come through in an amazing unity here, and there's a pleasing slight volume sway (at least on my headset) up and down in the perfect places. Great listen, and lots to hear.

Cheers. ~Spud

11/02/09 12:05:06PM @bigpete:
very interesting listen, great sounding production, keeps us on our toes waiting to see where we are heading, lots of emotion in the building of this track, to me this is great art rock. Beautiful job here.
11/01/09 05:38:35PM @dazed:
The sound on this mix is pretty solid. Great deep bass tones and bass runs. The start at 5:30 I called it a day lol.


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