Self Tort
Self Tort

You'll Want Some More From Me

album: Stripped Bare
genre: Acoustic
streams: 70
creation date: 2016-07-07

  Song Lyrics
I'll miss you all the time my love But coming home I'll sing I'll bring you what you want my love I'll fetch a wedding ring I'll get the horses looking...
  Song Information
This is a co-write with my dear friend Carol Douglas. Carol had written some lyrics and had asked me to try to put them to music. We actually have come up...
You'll Want Some More From Me
Charlie Beige
12/08/16 09:21:12PM @charlie-beige:

Loving your style and the way you record..such a great balance of guitar and vocal and space and time. Absolutely dig the lyric from Carol and who better to put these into song. Really like the additions of the viola/violin from Heather..a great choon all round from all. Again it has that Aussie/Irish sound i really like.

Thanks Brian


Ray Brookes
08/30/16 11:29:26PM @ray-brookes:

This is a lovely song, Brian and produced so well. Gotta love that violin and the acoustic guitar sings perfectly. You have a damn fine voice too and certainly more marketable than mine LOL Reading your bio, it looks like we have travelled similar paths; then ended up in a similar place.

07/10/16 09:57:43PM @erne:
I like this song a lot Brian, but better than that, my wife just said "who's that? He's got a sexy voice. Play it again." She digs it and I shall never disagree with her. Yeah right...I dig it too.
07/08/16 02:44:13AM @self-tort:
Many thanks, Rusty.
Farrell Jackson
07/07/16 09:57:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Besides being a great song.....Excellent recording, production and performances on this song Brian! I'm liking the accordion, violin and viola in there. Really well done!



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