Self Tort
Self Tort

Six O'Clock Swill

album: N/A
genre: Acoustic
streams: 57
creation date: 2016-08-05

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I had initially posted a live version of Six O'Clock Swill performed during an interview with Ross M Fear at Alive FM 90.5 some weeks ago.  As the...
Six O'Clock Swill
05/03/17 10:47:01PM @tlt50:
Brilliant...Brian !~! Songwriting , vocals , lyrics ,production and musicianship remarkable !
Fantastic Sir. *****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
01/11/17 12:51:27PM @farrell-jackson:

I've heard a couple versions of Six O'clock Swill with different production and  performances. All are good but this studio acoustic version has a special vibe to it. No matter how you present it Brian the words and the voice remain the constant.  Six O'clock Swill is still one of my favorite Self Tort songs!


08/31/16 09:05:52PM @self-tort:

Thanks for the kind comments, Ray. 

Ray Brookes
08/31/16 05:20:54PM @ray-brookes:

Cool folk with an Australiana feel. Excellent production and great sounding acoustic. Years ago I was in a bush band called Tuckitinya who I could imagine covering this song. Great work, Brian; well done.

08/05/16 06:06:28AM @self-tort:
Thanks, Rusty. An old one, but I think it worked live. As always, appreciate your support


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