Self Tort
Self Tort

Get It Right This Time

album: Stripped Bare
genre: Acoustic
streams: 38
creation date: 2016-10-22
purchase: mp3, 7.9MB, 00:03:25
  Song Lyrics
GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME (Brian Ralston)   I walk into a darkened room Any light just filtered dust I sense the need to break the ice Kind of wished you’d get...
  Song Information
This song arose from my returning home late (actually very late) from a gig. I had hung around chatting with the patrons while I was getting the gear packed...
Get It Right This Time
Doug Dickens
01/23/17 07:48:33PM @doug-dickens:
What a fine tune! Lyric and all are spectacular.
Charlie Beige
12/08/16 09:17:13PM @charlie-beige:

You have such a great Aussie feeling in all your songs which of course I LOVE being an aussie. Your vocal is always impressive and Ernie did lovely guitar.

It is a teaser and makes me want to listen to the whole song :))

Thanks and Merry everything from a fellow Aussie



Farrell Jackson
10/26/16 10:49:49AM @farrell-jackson:

I've heard this Brian song before and it still holds it's appeal. The stripped back production makes it very up close and personal.  It brings to mind that old saying "you can't  live with them and you can't live without them".  The lyric hit's close to home as a past gigging musician that's been there.....I feel your pain buddy. Some fine instrumentation and vocals Brian!


10/24/16 01:23:24AM @self-tort:

The current file seems to be playing the whole song. Thanks Rusty and Jim for the "heads-up".

10/22/16 04:54:27AM @self-tort:

Not sure what happened, Rusty. Trying to get the full version up now. 


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