Self Tort
Self Tort


album: Stripped Bare
genre: Acoustic
streams: 52
creation date: 2017-05-04

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TONIGHT Got that old hairbrush in my hand, I want to turn into immaculate man And I’ll see that job right through That cologne cost a whole week’s pay What...
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This song initially appeared on my first CD "N.I.C". It was a song dedicated to my darling, but long-suffering wife, Jenny, indicating the excitement I felt...
02/14/23 05:39:36AM @shane:
aye Brian, your voice is rich and sounds excollent. Happy feeling song here bro.
05/09/17 12:26:27PM @ron-dadey:
Love this track Brian... very nice work!! It's classic!! ;-)
Gary Shukoski
05/06/17 02:20:14AM @gary-shukoski:
Love the delicate jazz elements in here backing your voice, Mr Brian!
05/04/17 07:56:33PM @self-tort:
Many thanks, Farrell. If you'd like a copy of the CD I can send you the password to download it for free at CD Baby. You need to be a member (or join uP to) CD Baby, but I'd imagine you probably already are. Let me if you're interested. Cheers, Brian
05/04/17 07:55:05PM @self-tort:
Thanks, David. Good to catch up with. BTW - I've got some coupons with CD Baby which will allow you a free download of the CD. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the password. Cheers, Brian
Farrell Jackson
05/04/17 10:41:01AM @farrell-jackson:
This is such a classy song Brian! This stripped back version works so well. I love the bass playing on this. Fine, fine creation friend!


05/04/17 06:17:42AM @david-c-deal:
You have some a fine, comfortable, upbeat feel on this "classic" of yours. Great to hear it on Mix.


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