Self Tort
Self Tort

St Bridget

album: N/A
genre: Folk-Rock
streams: 30
creation date: 2023-02-02

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St Bridget of Kildare, She was born in the County of Lough Back in her day, just a slip of a lass But my, she's a legend now Like the blossoming bud of a...
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Just a snippet of the forthcoming single by Brian Ralston's Self Tort - St Bridget. The song is dedicated to St Brigid of Kildare, who, apart from her many...
St Bridget
02/16/23 10:54:14PM @self-tort:
Hi Farrell, yeah still kicking around, mate. Had a good run of live gigging before the pandemic hit. Have a few new things to share. Look forward to catching up on things I may have missed of yours.
02/16/23 10:52:09PM @self-tort:
Thanks Shane. Long time no see. Hope you're travelling well
02/16/23 10:50:39PM @self-tort:
Thanks, Tony. I'll get you a free download when it's formally released.
Farrell Jackson
02/14/23 09:04:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Brian, it's great to hear you are still writing and performing fine songs like St Bridget! This song sounds so good. I look forward to hearing the finished product.
02/14/23 05:37:31AM @shane:
good to hear ya SelfTort.
tony cee
02/12/23 02:55:34PM @tony-cee:
great song love it , love that violin superb ......cheers tony cee


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