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New CrC track (Gary Carciello, Self Tort, Doctor C)

user image 2008-08-20
By: selftort
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New CrC track (Gary Carciello, Self Tort, Doctor C)

Doctor C took on board the task of reinventing my old track Six O'Clock Swill and has done a fantastic job. This is a complete change of focus from a former 6/8 track to a bluesy shuffle compete with Doc's trademark keyboards and stellar guitar work from Gary.<br /><br />It's now less about the evils of drink and more of a "drinking song".<br /><br />Thanks Doc and Gary. Love working with you guys. That's four tracks doneso we're well on the way towards a CrC CD. BTW if anyone can come up with a better name than CrC let us know.<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Brian

08/21/08 03:25:53AM @ab1:
congrats guys.. you have the best in doc c and gary... selftort you are a lucky man.. I sure understand.. I got about 10 with sven.. guess we need to do a CD too then.. new band name.. hmmm... I admit I didn't really understand the CrC.. don't find any reference to you in there see? you together represent 3 seperate continents.. maybe something to do with that? cheers B..


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