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New Collab with KED - Lookin' At Ya

user image 2008-09-30
By: selftort
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KED and I have been threatening to do a collab together for some time now. I had started working on an instrumental track called "Lookin' At Ya" in about 2006 and had recorded the drums, bass, pianos and organ tracks, trying to come up with a lead guitar that I was happy with. It had been consigned to the "to do sometime later" list, but then I decided to take KED up on his kind offer to collab with me.<br /><br />Here's the finished result. KED has done a great job on guitar on this and I'm really happy with the result.<br /><br />Lead Guitar:&nbsp; KED<br /><br />Synth, organ, elec piano: Self Tort<br /><br />Drums, bass programming: Self Tort and Stewart Havill

10/02/08 04:18:58PM @ab1:
man ked.. my bad.. you fooled me with not only different tones but different styles of playing.. i thought that first clean guitar was maybe the best lead I've heard from brian.. I didn't hear his distinctive vocals so i thought both you guys were on guitars.. man.. but now knowing it was you it should have been easy to hear.. brian said he wasn't happy with finding a lead he liked until you stepped in.. he would have had to very happy with his lead if he'd played those clean leads.. cause you played some killer stuff there brother.. together you produced a fine tune no matter who did what.. cheers.. and peace.. :-)
10/02/08 02:52:05PM @ab1:
great jam guys.. :-)
10/01/08 08:11:11PM @dazed:
Listened to this not long ago and must say it is pretty remarkable! If you have not had a listen, please take a moment and do so!


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