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The things you find

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By: selftort
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The things you find

<p>I had a quiet morning and, not particularly wanting to head into work too prematurely, decided to have a browse around the net. Every so often I do a google search on myself. It's not so much an ego thing as curiosity. Whenever I do it, and really it's only on boring days like today, I always find something weird.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>During today's search everthing started off normal, my website, the various omds I've belonged to over the years, the various sites that offer my CD tracks for paid download, but never send me cheques. I have this theory that there are all these sites out there that each owe me 99c but none of whom will pay me till my account reaches $20.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Anyway, nothing untoward had been located until i found this link: <a href=""><span style="color: #000000;"></span></a></p><p>It took to a site where there was a long list of&nbsp; tracks I've recorded. There was no rhyme or reason to the tracks there. A couple from the first CD, a couple from the forthcoming CD, a couple of collabs with Lex Zaleta, some recent collabs with Melsi and Saladin, and somewhat bizzarely, a collab which, so far as I am aware has never been posted anywhere apart from the original mixposure site.</p><p>While I was staring at this list a video commenced. It wasn't my video. It was some guy doing a tribute to Ronnie Barker. But if you came in cold you would assume that the video was "Self Tort". The songs themselves don't play. If you click on the link it does a search of Youtube and then tells you there's no video for the song. It then starts playing another video.</p><p>What was particularly strange was that "Bush ****" which has a video on youtube was not on the list, and "What's the Attraction" which also has a youtube video still came up "no video for this song".</p><p>I then decided to do an artist search. I tried Nigel Potter and a page for Nigel appeared with a number of songs whose names I recognised as being Nigel's work. In Nigel's case nothing happened. Each song was noted to have no video, and no other vid opened during the operation. The same thing happened with Lex Zaleta.</p><p>I then tried Texas Jake Lee and "Conversations at the Crossroads" and "Understanding" were listed. I clicked the first track and no video was found. When I clicked Understanding a video then commenced with a guy playing a rock guitar track over a backing track. No identification as to who he was. Quite the contrary the title made it clear it was Texas Jake playing Understanding. If you'd just found the page by accident you'd assume that the video was of Texas Jake (although the German accent might cause you some suspicion).</p><p>When I hit Maria Daines I found paydirt. Actually got Maria Daines video and audio.</p><p>I really don't know what to make of it. If the site was offering free downloads of my music I might have been a bit narked that they hadn't sought my permission to do so. But I'm still a bit narked to have a list of my songs up on a site with my name and a geeky looking guy appearing in a video that people might think is me.</p><p>I imagine Jake wouldn't be too impressed with his name being linked to someone who's not only not him but in a completely different genre. Maria's vids have obviously been taken from youtube and I guess if you post them there you're pretty much putting them in the public domain.</p><p>I was wondering if anyone has any insight into what the site's all about and whether we should be jumping up and down about it or not really giving a toss.</p><p><br />Cheers</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Brian</p>

08/20/09 01:37:32PM @zest-radio-show:
Hi Self Tort, your experience is not unusual. I also do the same google searches on many of my projects and videos. The results I found were amusing and somewhat concerning. But, for the most part harmless...and on some part interestingly damaging....

If you would like further info about the "interestingly damaging" part...please send me a PM and I will explain to anyone that asks.

On the other side of the coin....enter your name, band name etc....and the word, torrents, you may be interested to see if your material is being hocked under the radar too....

Welcome to the bot / human / bot digital age my friends...



08/19/09 06:13:31PM @mark-reed:
Hi all

Paid it a visit myself, the following seesm to be a small list of who is on this site. I never checked all the links but most are active.

That Never Was Jaug Todd Swain Terry Ponder Lennie Gallant Paul Sylvain Chronix Brian Futch Divergent Future Boz Scaggs S4E Fell On 3 Rob Grant Philter Mach Nigel Potter's Aggressor Frank Northcutt Kor The Gemini Ritual TLT50 Floridamusic Hottub RedEyeC Main Pie Nigel Potter Resonant Soul Margot Rasmuth Syntopia Music Brent Heath Joe Johnstone Michael The Donster Project Peter Mercer Highwater Rapster N Potter Texas Jake DiCarlo Drums and Machines Guy Michetti Gunslinger Gabriel Sabadi Anthony Marcus Cheech & Chong RS Cain pyramis Sea Level

Might do a search on myself lol

all the best

08/19/09 11:28:41AM @dazed:
there are a ton of sites like that. basically if memory serves there are just bots that go out and look for the mp3 file type. When found, they are posted as links on these sites so the download happens from the original place. This way they are not using much bandwidth and leeching from the other site.

I used to find a ton of my music out there on sites like and to name a few. What bothered me about it is they were selling ring tones off of peoples music. When you read the subscription charges it was damn near frightening.


Rogers-Tennison Band
08/19/09 01:07:12PM @rogers-tennison-band:
FYI "Ringtones" -- Songwriter (mechanical right) royalties are 9.1 cents for normal audio broadcast (download, radio, etc.). But songwriter royalties for ring tones are 24 cents.
08/19/09 06:11:05AM @mel:
Brian, that is completely weird!! Apart from the fact the geeky guy does a terrible Ronnie Barker impersonation so how dare he even consider posting it, but when I clicked on That Never Was I got a hilarious Youtube video of a guy slipping on butter! When you click on our song nothing even comes up! Strrrrange!! Think I will go and Google myself now! x


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