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Nice To Be Back

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By: selftort
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Nice To Be Back

It's nice to be back to Mixposure. It's been a while since I've been particularly active. I have in recent years been involved in working with David Pendragon who is a producer who was heavily involved in the early years of this site. That plus attempting to run a legal practice makes it difficult to spend as much time as I would like here. 

For those who might remember me from the earlier days, I am now recording as "Brian Ralston's Self Tort" rather than "Self Tort" - a significant reason for that was that the most recent recordings have been more "singer/songwriter" than "band" and, perhaps more importantly, my most recent (and hopefully future) recordings use real people playing real instruments.

In 2013 I put together a band to be part of our ABC's "Exhumed" competition and as I mentioned in my penultimate blog we won the Sydney final of that competition. I will be posting in coming days some videos of that night which was one heck of a blast. Sadly the geographics involved with the members of that band did not allow it to become an ongoing thing. 

However, in February, 2015 I happened to be playing a solo spot at a gig in Sydney, and after my set I was approached by someone I knew from my past dealings of mixposure, but whom I had not previously met in person. That was Robert Smith or "Robbo" as he's known in here. Rob's sons were playing in a band at the same gig after my set and we talked about getting together. In November 2015 Rob was part of a band that was put together for the launch of my most recent CD "Stripped Bare". We have also played a few times together as a duo and keep talking about putting together a funk band (Rob's call) and a Joe Cocker Tribute Band (my call).

Anyway, I will be posting some tracks of my most recent recordings including the EP "Oldest Roadies On The Earth" and "Stripped Bare". There will be some downloads, but having spent a lot of time and money in getting them together I won't be giving away the whole box and dice for free. Oldest Roadies is already up at iTunes, Amazon etc and Stripped Bare should be up there in the not too distant future. The recordings will include tracks co-written with well known mixposure people such as Melsi, Carol Douglas and Lex Zaleta. 

Thanks for allowing me to come back after such an absence.

Cheers to you all

07/18/16 07:34:43PM @the-london-project:
Brian! So good to see you again! Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to lately. Cheers! Lonnie
07/10/16 10:29:07PM @erne:
I've only been around these parts for a few months and I don't think I've heard you before. I am certainly glad your back too. Your music is good stuff.
07/08/16 07:20:59PM @tlt50:
Brian......I'm reading this with a big smile on my face... Awesome !!~! I recall the FB message about you running into ROBBO ! I'm well aware of both yours and Rob's amazing talents.. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears.. ready... Welcome back....Brian !!!

All the best,
Larry T.

Farrell Jackson
07/07/16 11:07:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Welcome back Brian! Although I'm not sure you ever left. Being part of Mixposure is like the line in Hotel California "You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave "


07/07/16 07:54:55AM @admin:
Great to see you Brian. Looking forward to hearing some new tunes!


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