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Free Giveaway

user image 2017-05-04
By: selftort
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Free Giveaway

If any mixposure member is interested, I have coupons to CDBaby which will allow you to download my EP "Oldest Roadies on the Earth", and my latest CD "Stripped Bare" from the CdBaby website. If you are interested in either, or both, just pm me.

If you're already a member of CDBaby, then downloading is simple. If you're not already a member, you will need to join, but it's a simple thing, doesn't cost anything, and opens up lots of independent music that you might not otherwise hear. I've been with CDBaby now for 10 years and they do not spam you.

So the offers there if anyone is interested. If after hearing the tracks you were minded to leave a review on CDBaby, that would be appreciated, but it's not a condition. Each coupon has a different password enabling one download, so the coupons once used can't be transferred to someone else.

Don't be bashful. 




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