For the Fortnight

album: The Clue
genre: rock
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The Clue - SERGEJ77&Melani Chole
For the Fortnight
01/22/21 12:21:54PM @josephrodz:
wow, this is surprising, a flute in the middle of a song with a lot of torque, the drummer plays very well but in general I have always liked your music.
01/22/21 11:32:34AM @sergej77:
@queen-regina: this is a great compliment, my Lady...
We appreciate it so much..!
Thank you a million times..!
hugs from Danijela&Melani

Queen Regina
01/22/21 07:02:11AM @queen-regina:
Beautiful composition. Great instrumentation & beautiful unique vocals. Love it. Different, in a great way. Very captivating.
01/21/21 09:22:09PM @sergej77:
@bad-love-junkie: thank you so much for these words Eric, coming from you that, it is a great compliment...It was fun working on this one and it is great when somebody like you enjoyed it...
many thanks and hugs from both of us..!

01/21/21 12:45:04PM @bad-love-junkie:
What a powerful track! So many different elements and layers to your music. Great vocals and an all around killer track! I really enjoyed

01/20/21 05:05:45PM @sergej77:
@gary-dabrowski The Clue is always full of surprises, we love to use various instruments to deliver unique rock music! We are happy you checked us out and found our little flute line! Many tks and hugs Gary!
Gary Dabrowski
01/20/21 03:47:01PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool...didn't expect that flute, very nice!


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