I saw You

album: The Clue
genre: rock
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I saw You
02/07/21 03:10:39AM @sergej77:
@carol-sue thank you so much Carol-Sue for this comment :) maybe not so easy to listen to this one, but if it is cool as you said then our efforts are not in vain...
hugs hugs hugs for you from both of us..!

02/07/21 03:05:48AM @sergej77:
@jimsae: thank you so much Jim for these words. We are trying to bring something fresh to the light...not easy but we'll still be trying good it is, is on you and others to judge...
many hugs from both of us..!

carol sue
02/06/21 05:11:41PM @carol-sue:
Creative rocker! :)
Cool... everything!!

02/06/21 10:04:06AM @jimsae:
Heavy duty and still playful and fun! Love the vocals, fit nicely into the powerful mix/master! You keep coming up with inventive and creative tracks!
02/06/21 03:31:59AM @sergej77:
@tony-cee: thank you sooo much Tony..!
we send you many hugs..!

02/06/21 03:12:45AM @sergej77:
@gary-dabrowski thank you so much dear Gary....we are happy that you like it :)
regards and hugs..!

tony cee
02/05/21 02:37:24PM @tony-cee:
nice rocker sergej like the vocals ......cheers tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
02/05/21 09:14:55AM @gary-dabrowski:
I like this one too...excellent!...


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