Seven Car Pileup
Seven Car Pileup


album: Seven Car Pileup
genre: Alternative Rock
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"Oxymoron" Lyrics by Mark Mason Half dead once alive, plugged in on TV air supply Web paged, bell eyes, you've got thought bubble alibis You try hard to...
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Lyrics by Mark MasonComposed by Mark Mason, Jess Pruitt, Mike Vigil
09/08/12 02:48:27PM @kalola-kiss:
I got so much out of this song, quite unexpected actually.
Rob Grant
12/13/08 03:46:24PM @rayon-vert:
Great Reviews, you guys have and I have to agree with them all. Man!! this is an AWESOME TRACK!!! Really dig the vox and the style of this track. I have to say.....I can't compare....and that's GREAT!!! You really have an original sound and style. Really liked the way you brought the bass line up front at 3:30....a very cool idea. GREAT TRACK!!!

12/13/08 09:59:14AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Love this refreshing vibe, guys! This is a nice and tight production. Great prog rock tune! Seems like, you will be on my show tonight! ;)


12/13/08 08:20:44AM @dazed:
Another good tune. You guys sound great. Love the vocals and music is sounding solid. A couple of nice bass runs in here. Good hook on the chorus also.
06/09/09 10:14:06AM @digger-stone:
another cool song! killer vibe all across the board!

very orr. i'm a fan!

digger stone


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