Demonflesh - Raping Is A Laughing Matter (If You're Raping A Clown)

album: Demonflesh
genre: Metal
streams: 43

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(Intro from German clown porn movie) Es ist zurucke kommenEs ist wieder daWho's afraid of a big old clown?Gonna make that red nose glowTear his clothes...
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This is roughly a 'demo' version of this song I did for my so far solo project Demonflesh. It's bit on a short side and final version will have 'more' in...
Demonflesh - Raping Is A Laughing Matter (If You're Raping A Clown)
04/06/10 06:53:51AM @siphaeon:
Thanks for your comment. Slight correction though: It's not ment to be funny or clever since it's a phrase that actually inspired the whole lyrics so it would be pointless to change the title. Explicit in a sense that certain words make some people sad so I labeled it explicit to avoid whines. The whole concept of lyrics is sort of like baby jokes so I don't blame you for getting it the wrong way. Thank you for your comments anyhow.
04/06/10 06:44:47AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Nope, the title is neither funny nor clever. More straight ahead than the other tune and as I often say, if this is explicit enlighten me - I think that the overall sound is very good but I think I prefer the other track a lot more. Please change the title. Thanks. ftlpope
Incarnate Word
04/07/10 01:07:13AM @incarnate-word:
this is really funny or maybe I just have a morbid sense of humor. I think this is a great satire. I have to suggest though for professional reasons I would change the name. it will be highly offensive and being offensive is not an act of creativity. Don't lower your standards , you are way to creative to settle on a name like this for a song, be more alluring. you get more fly's wit honey than vinegar. Just my opinion that's all.


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