Demonflesh - I Masturbate On Your Corpse

album: Demonflesh
genre: Metal
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Rotting cellarRusty instrumentsTwisted surgeonI cut your fleshSickening sweet tasteOf putrid fleshWhile you're bleedingI masturbateI masturbate on your...
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This one's without bass because I was too lazy to take it out of the case. Also the whole song was done in half an hour so it's more or less just...
Demonflesh - I Masturbate On Your Corpse
Incarnate Word
04/07/10 01:12:48AM @incarnate-word:
I wont comment on the title or the lyrics. I will say for what it is you nailed it. I have a friend that plays in 2 prominent doom and death metal bands and to date they have never had to write lyrics such as this. this music was great but the lyrics were totally detracting. sorry I see the humor in the clown but for me this was a stretch and I consider myself open minded. non the less great job over all.


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