Draconicon - How To Tame A Dragon

album: Draconicon
genre: Heavy Metal
streams: 59

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     If you want to tame a dragonFirst you must prepareThey are very vicious creaturesWith claws and breathing fireDress up into flameproof armourAnd take...
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I made this song in 2 hours from scratch with a crappy laptop, Line6 X3 Live, Shure SM58 and Ibanez K7 FSB. It was really pain in the ass since the laptop...
Draconicon - How To Tame A Dragon
04/15/10 04:38:49AM @siphaeon:
Thank you, Danielle. Just a minor correction: Only fx is delay (in intro added double delay) and all vocals are on same tracks (doubled) with same mastering eq in inserts so it's my voice all the way with absolutely same settings for every part.
04/14/10 11:57:51PM @potion13:
Nice lyrics. Like the guitar riff too! Voices with the sound effect gives it agood vibe! Well done!! Keep up the good work!

Danielle, Potion13

04/14/10 12:37:24PM @siphaeon:
Thank you very much from your review. The song was pretty easy to sing since that kind of voice doesn't take half the effort compared to growling live :)
04/14/10 12:10:19PM @mark-reed:
This is real chainsaw rock, read the song info and you did a damned good job with what you had at hand. Loved the lyrics, the music does them justice. Have to ask, did you have a voice left after that performance. Cracking number well done


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