Away With Misery

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Away With Misery
John R. Kennedy
09/04/13 12:59:27AM @john-r-kennedy:
Larry and James, Another signature sound from you two. Nice guitar playing and a nice sound all around. Simple and sweet, yet digs in your head with crispness from James guitar leads. Nice arrangement and mix. Very lovely sound.

Peace and Blessings, John

12/30/09 12:19:08PM @austn:
Awesome acoustic guitar and percussion Ntruments meld 2 bring N Nchanting melodic passages that develop and layer 'round simple scalular structures, Bcoming more Ntense and complicated...luv the blendZ of strings, mandy,& violin always using percussion 2 accent the key tones of the flow...quite a pleasing listening piece...ThanX 4 letting us listN~Austn
12/28/09 05:34:36AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
having looked at your page the different styles emerge - Americana with a British folk lilt (a popular mode these days). Really pleasant listen, beautifully played with understatement. ftlpope
12/27/09 09:08:20PM @ricky-alan:
Just listened to your song "Away With Misery" and it's great Great performance, great production, and just a great song all around I could listen to it all night.
Ricky Alan

12/28/09 08:29:18AM @mark-reed:
Lovely mood to this, has a kind of festive feel to the music. This is a very nice composition with nothing to fault it. A great listen well done
12/27/09 04:49:07PM @bluesydude:
Brilliant recording. I love the flow and feel. Great guitar tones both electric and acoustic.
12/27/09 06:24:32PM @durod:
Great to hear my two buddies again, and you've just gotten better. Excellent performance by both of you and James, my hat is off to you for a perfect mix. Very nice guys.


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