Running From Shadows

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Running From Shadows
09/04/13 11:10:25AM @david-c-deal:
Now this song is "right up my alley". I found myself swaying trance like to the 3/4 rhythms. Beautiful instrumentation. Most enjoyable tune.
John R. Kennedy
09/04/13 12:51:24AM @john-r-kennedy:
Larry and James, This is really nice and moves along very nicely, as well. Nice background textures and some nice guitar playing. Sounds great and a really nice arrangement and mix. Very nicely done.

Peace and Blessings, John

01/13/10 07:41:43AM @mel:
Just love the guitar intro, SO pretty and beautifully played!! The instrumentals throughout are classy and brilliant. Love the old sounds mixed with the modern, helps you to imagine 'running from shadows'. JUST SUPER! Wishing you well, Melsi.
Running from shadows she turned away
Will the sun come soon to show her the way
She needs to breathe and find some air
Run away
He could be near!
Sorry, as usual the music gets to my writing brain cells! LOL

01/11/10 07:06:07PM @jeff-lustick:
Loved this song-I listened to it several times in a row. Really well done. Boy if you two ever got in the same room together to play it would be unbelievable!!!!!


01/06/10 08:25:24PM @durod:
Another great instrumental tune from the "2 Masters". I assume James was involved in this with you?? I recognize that snare beat from one of your earlier tunes.... I think. Beautiful piece guys; love it. :)
02/27/11 09:25:52PM @hydrogen3:
love the celtic feel to this beautifully arranged!


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