If I Were God Part 2

album: 2015
genre: Alternative
streams: 34

  Song Lyrics
Verse 1 Would I arrange to reunite the cast After the show is over So we may reminisce and laugh? If I were god - yes, I would Verse 2 Would I arrange...
If I Were God Part 2
02/24/15 12:18:58PM @mike-s:
Good stuff dave, enjoyed the general vibe of this also. I think the tone of your mellow voice with the simple guitar backing is very powerful.
02/23/15 12:05:02PM @songsofdave:
Thanks very much Gene & Farrell ... all the best :)
Farrell Jackson
02/23/15 12:01:20PM @farrell-jackson:
Welcome back to the Mix Music scene Dave! It's good to hear you are still putting songs forth. This one has a nice build's so subtle that it's barely noticeable but there it is in full glory. Excellent song!
02/22/15 02:00:00PM @gene-smith:
Very nice tune here. I get a very cool vibe from this indeed.


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