The Song is the Boss

user image 2010-12-05
By: songsofdave
Posted in: Writing Songs

The way I see it is that songs are like gifts ... they sort of fall out of the ether into my lap ... and so my role is to understand, serve and respect the song for what it is ... and try to not bugger it up with my arrangement and performance!

07/23/11 12:49:32PM @chris-moore:
I just came across this, and speaking from my own perspective, you never said a truer word, mate!

Shine on my friend

Luca Wulf
12/06/10 06:50:21AM @huge-artist:
First,last and always,the song is what matters.

Those who know your music know well enough that if a song sounds a certain way,it is so by DESIGN,not by error.

I won't ever tailor my sound to meet fashion's demands.


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