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stephan foster

Don't You Ride

genre: Blues
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creation date: 2006-09-12

Don't You Ride
stephan foster
07/20/16 09:35:31AM @stephan-foster:
Thanks so much. This is based more on the legend that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil for fame. The crossroads is of course the devil's stomping ground.
07/19/16 11:38:07PM @moequinn:
Wow! 10 years & it just never gets old ~ as I read all the comments I see that it is a Robert Johnson song (whom I am familiar with as my big brother turned me on to an Eric Clapton CD/DVD set all of Robert Johnson's songs) my taste in music has grown & evolved over the years & I do love the blues ~ great job on this classic
Farrell Jackson
03/16/13 01:30:12PM @farrell-jackson:
Ok going way back to 2006.....excellent acoustic blues and slide work! Roots Delta blues can never be wrong in my book...well done!


04/13/10 01:17:14PM @mark-reed:
Lovely play on Robert Johnson's classic. Just a super solid blues performance. I was just solid gone man. Tremendous stuff, very well done
02/21/11 03:29:30AM @obiwandk:
this is a great tune makes me feel like i am in Mississippi.
The guitar work is 10/10, the lyric is good and tells a good story.
mix and mastering is good

09/12/06 10:33:20PM @dazed:
Now this I am really enjoying. I am more of a rock guy but have been getting more into blues lately. This just sounds like a great bar jam or patio jam.

Great slide work!!


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