stephan foster
stephan foster

Face On The Train

genre: Acoustic
streams: 265
creation date: 2006-09-12

Face On The Train
09/07/10 12:29:44PM @mark-reed:
This has an easy pace with a great lyric. Lovely instrumentals supporting a sweet melody. which stayed in my mind after a couple of listens. An enjoyable piece of music thanks for the listen
07/31/08 09:52:50AM @tcp:
Superb vocals on an expertly played song. The acoustic textures, chording and picking are outstanding. So tight, so bright. Beautifully conceived and executed Stephan. ~Blake
09/13/07 08:34:42AM @that-never-was:
Just heard this song and I love it! :) Love the way you did the vocals along with melody of guitars! Great song!
09/12/06 10:25:59PM @dazed:
Nice acoustic and vocal work!

This sounds very nice. Great job!

09/12/06 01:16:34AM @michael-nunley:
Hey, great song ! Very well put together. Vocals may be about ten percent too hot in the mix but who cares in a piece this good !

Well done !!


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