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stephan foster

When She Smiles

album: TBA
genre: Acoustic
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When She Smiles
Lyrical Princess
06/24/13 06:41:37PM @lyrical-princess:
Can't believe I've never stopped by to leave my thoughts on this treasure, as much as I've heard it played in the chat..
This has always been a favorite.. Very easy to listen to.. Beautiful lyrics.. Maybe you should tell her what her Smile does to you? Women love to hear those things.. Great song Stephan ~

All The Best,

10/28/11 09:19:22PM @marie-dailly:
Thanks so much for letting us have this for the album! Such a sweet soothing sound! :D
05/10/11 12:23:57AM @shojobeast:
I love the vocals, it sounds so sweet and smooth. I downloaded it, because it was that good!
When I heard this on BigPete's radio show, I had to download it.
I really like it!
-Miss Shojo

10/10/09 05:56:18AM @mike-lynn:
Professional production with nice melody, clean guitars and appealing vocals. Beautiful work. Cheers / Mike
10/05/09 09:53:13AM @bigpete:
beautiful pop production, every thing is perfect the production performance lyrics, a little gem Mr.Foster, really appreciate the vocal performance great job. Wow really moving when the cello comes in, and what can I say about the guitar playing simply great, be playing this tonigh for sure on my show.
10/05/09 09:49:25AM @mark-reed:
No reviews yet, shame cause this is a sweet little song. Lyrics are excellent. A nice easy instrumental to lay the vocals over. Lovely number and an easy listen well done enjoyed this one


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