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Steven West


album: Demo
genre: Industrial
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Just showing the worst side of me and my music. Utilizing the great UltraTrigger FX by AZ Audio.
Steven West
07/16/08 11:25:44AM @steven-west:
Thanks Fate and Vesa. :) Yes, it should no doubt be under IDM, but is that in the list here? The key thing to this song is this VST UltraTrigger FX by 'AZ Audio' (Google it up). And one plays the effects from a MIDI keyboard in realtime. Pretty neat, but I'm more a Brian Eno in that I like to analyse the effects beforehand. :)
07/15/08 10:59:43PM @vesa:
I thought this may be different after the first few bars...speaking of bars, time for a rum & coke (lol)Not! Fscinating pulse you have going here; quite experimental; very eccentric eclectic electrifyingly dazzling; fine stereo panning acros my headphones. Love them synth 'dabs' -you my friend are certainly being brave & challenging some limits here; love that grrove & esp. the steady & also awkward percussives. Space travel, here I come; got me altered Steven.
Quite the venture tune...ahh I just came up with a new genre name.
Superb composing to the last fading note. Whoaaa. Like it.
Excellent my good fellow Crazy Canuk. -Your friend & fan. -Vesa.


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