Sue Leonard
Sue Leonard

Drift Away

album: Single
genre: Adult Contemporary
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  Song Lyrics
Drift Away Fall Through The Cracks With A Wave Of Emotion Lie In This Bed Of Sand On An Ocean Of Hope Washes Over My Shoulder To Cleanse Under These Harbor...
  Song Information
Song Written By Sue Leonard & James Lancaster Socan © 2010 Recorded at Gemini Studios Boise Idaho
Drift Away
09/28/13 03:52:25PM @tlt50:
Love your voice....Superb songwriting...Just enough production..surrounding your awesome vocals.. Sue, welcome to the mix :)

ALL THE BEST.....AwwwwwwwwOooooooo*U*,

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
09/26/13 03:20:22PM @farrell-jackson:
You have a great voice to go along with this wonderful song! I like the lyric and that acoustic guitar tone is killer as well. Nice one!

Farrell Jackson

Randy Gabel
09/25/13 09:02:19PM @randy-gabel:
Welcome Sue !!
Sue Leonard
09/25/13 08:39:01PM @sue-leonard:
Finally ... figured it out ... posted a few more tunes Thank You so much Douglas for turning me onto this ..... much more to learn about the site .. but greatly appreciated my friend ~ YOU ROCK!!!
09/25/13 07:21:00PM @buddrumming:
Hi Sue... you have always rocked my little musical world that is for sure!!! luv it Bud
09/24/13 08:30:04PM @mach:
09/24/13 06:52:01PM @gene-smith:
Wow, what a bio! Better yet, what a track! This is a thing of beauty indeed. Welcome to Mixposure! Can't wait to hear more!

Sorry had to stop typing to listen for a third time... TRULY "top shelf" stuff right here, Yeah that. This will be getting some Mixstream Radio airplay without a doubt!


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