Sue Leonard
Sue Leonard

Bend This Circle

album: Single
genre: Blues
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Bend This Circle He said I don’t have to justify this ain’t what it seems You would run a million miles If you’d seen what I'd seen every night around...
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Recorded in Audio Lab Studio  Garden City, Idaho 2011 with my good friend James Lancaster 
Bend This Circle
04/12/15 01:02:07AM @juscoday:
Wow! Strong vocals with absolute infusion of emotions, love the guitar accompanying, and chorus. Nice work!
Sue Leonard
05/12/14 10:02:18AM @sue-leonard:
Thank You Kindly JR!! ~ (*∫*) ~
05/12/14 09:51:04AM @josephrodz:
Simply GREAT!
Sue Leonard
05/11/14 04:50:36PM @sue-leonard:
Thank you Michael .... I'm thrilled you "want to testify" it was one take..... done on the fly at audio lab studios when I use to live in Boise Idaho at .... that's james Lancaster playing the guitar ~ Sweet!!!


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