Monterey Bay (for John Denver)

album: Eclipse
genre: Folk/Country
streams: 16
creation date: 2023-03-30

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In London Town Listening to your country sound Your voice could make me cry As you paint eagles in the sky From Colorado Colorado   Thank you for the...
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'Monterey Bay (for John Denver)' is dedicated to the memory and music of the great American Folk and Country artist John Denver who passed away just over 25...
Monterey Bay (for John Denver)
03/30/23 03:07:32PM @sunpinnedleaves:
Goodness me Farrell that must be a terrible memory to carry around all these years. Thank you for your kind and feedback which means a lot. Tomorrow night we are playing the Dublin Castle in London our first gig back for over a year after my partner in chimes injured himself. When we play the song live I sing “Fly Away” instead of the final “Gone away” as I love that duet with ONJ and now she has gone too.
Farrell Jackson
03/30/23 10:47:50AM @farrell-jackson:
A very nice song and a cool tribute to John Denver. The production on this song is top notch. The lyric with the references to John's songs is a great way to honor his memory. I happened to be in Monterey, specifically Pacific Grove, when his plane crashed into the ocean. It was a sad day.


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