Susan Martin
Susan Martin

Nothin' I Don't Wanna Do

album: Family of Friends
genre: BLues/Folk
streams: 22
creation date: 2014-12-18

  Song Lyrics
  I don't wanna contend with you   I just wanna be a friend to you   Can't you see what I'm tryin' to do   Is just to get along with you   Don't wanna be...
  Song Information
(c) Rod MacDonald & Susan Martin, 1986, BLue FLute Music
Nothin' I Don't Wanna Do
Susan Martin
12/20/14 02:04:30AM @susan-martin:
Thanks so much! It was a fun song to write.
Mista Perez
12/19/14 10:56:58AM @mista-perez:
Very well done. I love songs that are short and to the point. Bravo


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