Sweet Hollow
Sweet Hollow

Thousand Hearts

album: Single 2008
genre: Rock
streams: 180

Thousand Hearts
11/26/18 01:14:20PM @blacksxord:
Top shelf rocker here! Mix is fantastic love that the guitar are up front! THE WAY IT SHOULD BE AND SOUND!! Vocals kick major ass!! Drums fit spot on! Great tune gentz...very well done! :)
Lady Dove
10/26/18 06:10:25PM @ladydove:
Diggin it! Power in da house!.... Yeah Baby ;)
10/12/18 11:08:25AM @lorne-reid:
Solid rockin tune! Great sound and playing. Cheers!
05/06/09 12:20:08PM @vesa:
This is so cool -it almost has a sound like you're playing guitar underwater at the start-maybe a phase shifter effect. Good vocals. Like this rockin' Really KICKS
GREAT!! -Good arranging. Fine production.

09/30/08 01:44:43PM @ab1:
this is my kind of rockin.. power music.. great vocals.. man that's enough right there.. I'll just listen and love it.. look forward to more..
09/14/08 09:53:54AM @steph-klish:
Hey guys why hav'nt you made the bigtime yet
you have some great music hear
wish you the best of luck with the record companys cause im sure they will be looking at you
Thanks for the cool track

09/06/08 04:24:23AM @dellixxa:
Like the energy of this one. Vox and feel remind me a little of HEROES DEL SILENCIO and that`s not bad at all.
Keep on rocking

09/06/08 03:27:19AM @sweet-hollow:
Much appreciated sir! We're hoping to very shortly have a full length out, maybe around december!
09/06/08 02:01:11AM @roadside-rejects:
this is cool tune.Enjoyed the listen.Sounds like it could be a new radio tune.


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