Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish

Get Outa My Face (Live in the Studio)

album: Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
genre: Rock
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Recorded live at Garden Rock Studios on Nantucket Island!
Get Outa My Face (Live in the Studio)
Farrell Jackson
04/06/21 01:02:15PM @farrell-jackson:
This has a great retro 1970s-ish classic rock vibe and I like that! The organ does give it a Deep Purple-ish lean....which is great in my rock book! Even though it was done a few years back, more people need to hear this! The ending is cool and done as all good live rock songs should end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07/22/08 09:53:36PM @wrightdude:
Nice tight rocker! creative ending!
07/22/08 06:41:11PM @avalanche:
Hey this one was cool!

I play Hammond...so an organ is always great to hear on hard rock. Although I agree with the Deep Purple comments here...I also hear some Rod Argent in this stuff too. Great energy and enthusiasm! And even a trace of Jim Morrison stylings on those vocals...and that's alot of good influences to be drawing from.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

07/22/08 06:39:34PM @digger-stone:
jesus where do i start with this, vox-killer, guitars- killer,
don't even get me started on the keys- killer, song writting-killer, i just added this to my favs!

right on!


07/22/08 06:55:29AM @dazed:
Yeah I definitely get the retro vibe. I agree with Brian with the Deep Purple reference. Vocals and instruments are all done well!
07/22/08 01:07:27AM @self-tort:
Like the balance in the mix. It comes across with that live feel but being in the studio is a much better balanced mix than most "live" tracks. Like the song a lot. It's got a solid rock feel that has that early 70s feel to it. Actually it has me more in mind of the Doors than Deep Purple. Maybe that's down to what Surfnorthwest said about the organ sound. Personally I like the organ tone, although I agree that in certain sections (particularly the interplay between the organ and guitar) a grungier organ sound might have had more impact. But all round a really great track with quality playing throughout. Great work guys. Keep them coming.



07/21/08 10:49:04PM @surfnorthwest:
Good vocals and a solid song. At first I thought the band sounded like very early Deep Purple. While I love the organ in rock I think a darker organ patch would sound better this one is pretty bright.

The lead wah was also very well done as it really brought back a 70s feel.

Great job!


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