Escape lane

album: Out Of Time
genre: folk rock
streams: 11
creation date: 2023-09-15

  Song Lyrics
It was summer, but summer didn't want to happen. Sun rose in the morning, with little skylights in the clouds. I drove my car to go to work, road was still...
  Song Information
Phil Wake, lead vocals and guitar  Jean-Yves Besnard, lead guitar and backing vocals  Music and lyrics by Phil Wake
Escape lane
09/18/23 03:26:56PM @symmetry:
thank you so much for your comment, really glad you like our song !
Have a nice day

Farrell Jackson
09/16/23 12:15:13PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm a big fan of vocals and acoustic based songs. This ticks those boxes for me. Both acoustic guitars are crystal clear and played well. The lead vocal is excellent, and I like the lyric content. You have proved the point that a couple of acoustic guitars and vocals can produce a big sound. Well done!


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