Just Because feat. RAPSTER

album: Just Because
genre: Hip-Hop
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Just because I tell ya Don't mean I'm tryin to sell ya What you do is up to you Just wish that I could help yaJust because I tell ya Don't mean I'm tryin to...
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Title track from our new album! Vocals and lyrics by Rapster, arangement and endmix by Pascalito...
Just Because feat. RAPSTER
05/30/09 07:05:20AM @mark-reed:
This one rocks, Nice Collab. tremendous intro lots of fizz. This is Rapster as I remember him. Funny that I was just wondering where he was recently. Great artist excellent piece well done guys
Juri R
10/17/08 12:15:06PM @grand-jury:
Oh Hell,dunno how to edit the notes...there's "not" missin' in my last sentence...sorry for inconvinience...lUv'ya stuff
Juri R
10/17/08 12:12:40PM @grand-jury:
Not a biggest fan of the Hip-Hop in the world,I must confess,but.....this is incredible,-actually it's the Ethno Hip-Hop,I'd dare to say.At this level you don't think 'bout your preferences.rather 'bout good and bad music,and this one is most certainly fallin' into the former category.Outstandin' job!! Jim can proof I'm tellin' a bullshit just to please...I mean it!!
08/23/08 05:48:06AM @syntopia-music:
2 of my great fav`s in one, Very cool melody line. I like the eastern influence very. wonderful to listen and a great song. Fantastic synths and vocals. Very great work.

Sven / Syntopia

08/22/08 07:07:57PM @self-tort:
What a wonderful collab. Love the intensity of the intro with that superb percussive vibe and that gorgeously deep bass. Great momentum in the rhythm Pascal and Joey's highlighting it with great rhythm in the delivery of the lyrics.Love the percussive harmonic sounds you've got going Pascal. Great job on the vocals,Joey. Absolute knockout track.



Rob Grant
08/22/08 04:28:28PM @rayon-vert:
I'm letting this one loop continuously, as I read and surf. VERY COOL track!! Top Production of keys and percussion. Joe's vox are SUPERB and the whole feel of the song is a mezmorizing trip. SUPERB JOB, GUYS!!!

08/22/08 03:08:15PM @corrado-rossi:
What a song... this is an amazing collab!!
The voice and style of Rapster fits so nice with the impressive production and arrangements from Pascal!
Intriguing, original, extremely well developed: top notch!
I'm a proud owner of this marvelous Album!
This is the first song in the new Mix that I'm happy to add as my fav.
Corrado :)

08/22/08 12:50:30AM @tlt50:
Yes.....a true master of sonic soundscapes.! Love the groove, production and arranging. Joe .... you did yourself proud ....bro. Pascal....your music flows with outstanding twist and turns....delivered with perfection !! Kudos.... on a splendid collab > :-)

Larry T.....

08/21/08 12:51:34PM @ab1:

08/22/08 09:42:18AM @test200:
Great opening Pascal, diggin all the things you combined to get that groove happening. Nice change into the lead spot, cool chord change there to. oh, very cool ending change with Joes vox pad. The vocal work adds to the groove without loosing focus on the theme, good stuff Joe, your add finishes this track off to make it complete...a good one.


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