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Sands Of Time with Bob Forbes

album: Sands Of Time
genre: Ballad
streams: 126

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The years of living filled with laughter and tears,Just how many more ahead are through my door?How can I explain what is happening to me –Only through my...
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(c) Syntopia Music / robert forbes
Sands Of Time with Bob Forbes
06/22/09 03:54:01PM @vesa:
Very wonderful few moments at the beginning, of that subtle synth sound that set up a neat atmosphere...then a quick change was a nice surprise, unexpected, which I like to hear happen. Very fine vocals, emotive, & meaningful. The keys are a great addition, complimenting quite well. Like the mood, a pensive mood at the beginning to me turns into a more uplifting culmination...great solo, seering throught this warm atmosphere very well placed. The vocals and guitar really make it, & a most fine production as a whole. Most the pace. GREAT!! Well worth more listens.
-Your friend. -Vesa.


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