Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis

Bit of This, Bit of That

album: Tales of Pandemonium
genre: Blues
streams: 97

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I can't sleep at night lost all appetite I'm working all the time to get it out of my head I'm in a dark corner I can't see the light not for want or...
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a song about the commonality of borderline mental health issues and also about the way the World is today with people more impressed with appearance and...
Bit of This, Bit of That
04/13/15 07:33:35AM @mach:
Yeah! This is a keeper. Such a great groove. Well done!
Paul Stokes
07/23/14 01:55:27PM @paul-stokes:
lovely stuff, like the hold off on the percussion. When it does come in it builds into the tune really well. Great tune.
Tara Lewis
05/13/14 05:15:15PM @tara-lewis:
that would be great Doug, if we can work out the time zones, I'm in London, England. The song is more a commentary on the difference in the person we project and our reality and the pressure our image based society puts on us. It goes on to question how this image is used by individuals with great control but questions their intent and genuine integrity.


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