Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis

Tales of Pandemonium

album: Tales of Pandemonium
genre: Blues
streams: 55

  Song Lyrics
temptations hanging think in the air I wonder what might be should I dare things are fast changing I can't tell the time   stir the water see they run deep...
  Song Information
self titled ep opener
Tales of Pandemonium
03/25/17 11:02:43AM @mach:
Nice Zep vibe with great sounding guitars. Love the arrangement you have here.


01/20/17 08:55:57AM @ronbowes:
Super Zeppish track.
Susan Ssun
12/09/16 09:58:26PM @susanssun:

Just heard this on TrueVulgarian's Friday night show!  We all absolutely loved it! 


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