Tattered Sons
Tattered Sons
Tattered Sons

That Shine

genre: KRUNCH
streams: 50
creation date: 2023-12-30

That Shine
tony cee
01/19/24 04:00:15PM @tony-cee:
great track . well worth the listen .....cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
01/09/24 12:47:55PM @farrell-jackson:
A great KRUNCH song! Congrats on Shine being selected as Mixposure's song of the month!
Tattered Sons
01/05/24 05:50:55AM @tattered-sons:
We will have more coming soon! Thank you guys again.
01/05/24 01:32:33AM @marshall:
That’s my boys!!!
01/02/24 05:55:02PM @jimsae:
Congrats for Song Of The Month, guys! I can safely say we need a whole lot more of your music around here!
Tattered Sons
01/01/24 12:02:54PM @tattered-sons:
Thank you guys so much.
Rob Grant
12/31/23 09:00:56PM @rob-grant:
Welcome to Mixposure!! WOW! What in intro your band. Excellent song, performance, and production. Love it!!
Tattered Sons
12/31/23 05:40:05PM @tattered-sons:
Thank you! Glad to be here
12/31/23 05:12:52PM @ron-dadey:
Killer track guys!!!
12/30/23 10:53:13PM @jimsae:
Oh, I sure as hell love this! Welcome to the site!


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