With the Leader of the Band

album: Through the Years
genre: Acoustic
streams: 145
creation date: 2008-12-10

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With the Leader of the Band © 2007 Author: Tony DeLecce He’s with the Leader of the BandWords/Music Tony DeLecce 12/17/2007Six O’clock in the MorningA...
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This is my musical tribute to Dan Fogelberg.   He was a very big part of my musical life and had a huge influence on me both in my own music creation but...
With the Leader of the Band
05/10/22 09:30:20PM @moequinn:
What a lovely song & tribute to Dan Fogelburg ~ I remember him, I do believe it was back in the 70's ~ your song goes back to 2008 & this is the first time I have heard it ~ I am glad it was revived ~ it is a beautiful song ~ thank you for sharing

05/10/22 02:38:55PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
Lovely tribute- April
02/24/14 03:54:03PM @tdelecce:
Well folks. I had not seen these reviews before and I am very grateful for your time and effort to do it but also very touched by your words. Thanks to all. I have not had much computer time in the last few years. This as they say was one of those songs that writes themselves not sure how much I had to do with it.
06/18/09 08:16:09AM @mark-reed:
I'm not familiar with Dan's work, but as a tribute this is one of the best I've ever listened to, by anybody for anyone. Cracking song
03/01/09 10:38:03AM @blue-sahara:
Oh man, Tony ... you've done an outstanding job here! Not only have you created an utterly suitable tribute to your idol, but also a lovely, beautiful song.
Absolutely love the lyrics and both, your vocal and guitar performances are outstanding! Bravo!

12/15/08 08:46:51PM @tlt50:
Tony ...I've enjoyed listening to all your fine music.(At Mixposure). This song is excellent, great songwriting,chord progression,passionate lyrics and vocals... truly a beautiful listen !! Outstanding work !
all the best ,
Larry T.....

Farrell Jackson
12/15/08 02:00:43PM @farrell-jackson:
Man Tony this is just a wonderful song and a great tribute to Dan Fogelburg.......nicely done with the acoustic work and the vox, lead and backing, are sung with passion and feeling. Very nice!


12/10/08 11:15:13PM @mike-lynn:
Tony, thanks very much for this song. Dan is my favourite singer/songwriter too and I'm touched by this tribute you composed here. It also recalls lots of old memories.
12/12/08 06:21:52PM @jeff-lustick:
As a Dan Fogelberg fan I can't tell you how much this song affected me-it is beautifully written and perfromed. All that's left are the songs and all the memories those songs evoke. He is greatly missed. Thanks for writing and sharing this.



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