Terry Martin
Terry Martin

Children Left Behind

album: A Storm IS Brewing
genre: Alternative Rock
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Children Left Behind
01/06/09 11:37:54AM @mri:
I love the double-lead vocal harmony. That is very much the style of a lot of MRI stuff. Awesome.

The emotions and themes are powerful here. A great inward-looking song. Pondering life's deeper meanings and what is beyond this world and the people we love and have to leave behind.

This has a John Denver - Cat Stevens - little bit Beatles flavor too. nice work here that communicates & shares human pain/. cheers.

12/06/08 03:35:14AM @the-autumleaf:
Great Harmonies and Lovely Vocal harmonies..... Loved listening to it.....guitars and the keys are sounding really great overall a wonderful Melody
Jay from the Autumnleaf


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