Terry Ponder
Terry Ponder

This side of the sun

album: Personal Songs
genre: Blues
streams: 75

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This is a song written by Brian Brooks.  its called This side of the sun.  he was kind enough to let me record it. this is a great song, awesome lyrics....
This side of the sun
12/23/13 03:45:28PM @tlt50:
Terry .....truly a fabulous track...Done with the "Ponder" excellence. Superb musicianship. Brian great tune...Well done guys....!~!

"Happy Holidays~

Larry T

12/23/13 03:28:51PM @david-c-deal:
You created a great arrangement and performance of this song by Brian. Very nice.
12/23/13 09:20:38AM @terry-ponder:
This is a Great song written by Brian Brooks. Thank you Brian for allowing me to record it.


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