That Never Was
That Never Was

Attention Deficit Theater

album: That Never Was
genre: Avantgarde
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Attention Deficit Theater is my idea on just a short comedy of sorts! This is ADT #1 Hope to hear one from you!
Attention Deficit Theater
06/08/10 03:34:28PM @bugtheroot:
wow, a truly unique piece! I loved the flow to this, and am impressed by how far out there you are in your composition, free from all the formulaic constraints. I've downloaded it an dlook forward to listening to it as I drive my car! (my wife might not be so pleased...she's not into "weird" music!!!)
03/24/10 09:13:50AM @ks:
I've listened to a few avant garde piece's on this site and not many truly apply to the genre which has a wide spectrum actually.

I appreciated this piece very much.

12/04/08 01:56:31PM @jkondrak:
Avant Garde it is. No turn is expected. Each part sounds real polished, and it goes all over the place. This would go well with certain kinds of motion picture scenes.

Good job.


10/04/08 11:30:03AM @the-sound-of-air:
Great avantgarde this one:)
Excellent production.

05/16/08 07:49:37AM @tcp:
Very creative and enjoyable William..placement and content is just perfect as is the melody and vocals. Well conceived and really well done my friend!! ~Blake
03/12/08 07:32:56AM @stu:
mad..!! like it..!!
really nice vocal... thanks.. :)

Michael Yablonski
02/23/08 02:44:50PM @michael-yablonski:
What a cool song!.....all that crazy stuff leading up into the vocals/keys/guitar part, very sweet. No attention deficit for me on this one, great tune, left me hanging at the end for more.... Mikey
02/14/08 11:04:27AM @the-bard-brothers:
This world is typically unknown to me, but the exploration is quite the thrill. Production is top-notch; what are you using? Vocal delivery is sweet, though I might scale back the reverb a bit-- a voice this dynamic shouldn't be hidden by the effects.

Quite the journey.

02/24/08 02:12:42PM @mark-cloutier:
hello william--synth sounds excellent--spoken word is well placed--love the variety in sounds--quirky cool stuff!nice work on vox!!
Luca Wulf
02/08/08 04:56:22PM @huge-artist:
Damn cool into,nice morphing on the sires :)
This a veratable feast of sound and rhythms...
That section of house beats against the blues guitar,piano and voice...
Damn,somehow that all worked perfectly.
I get the feeling you can pretty much write in whatever style you choose do and do it to a VERY high standard.
The track actualy ends up as though some dj was cutting two songs into each...
I remember a while back there were several VS songs thatc ame out,and none of them did it as well as this piece.
Very much enjoyed.


02/07/08 12:54:26AM @buddrumming:
You are in another musical world than me...all I can say I found really interesting...Music is so universal...I liked it.....:) Thx, Bud
02/05/08 12:53:22PM @chrickon:
This is way cool !! Wish it have been a bit longer though. Great sound and production. Love it !!

02/05/08 11:57:11AM @am-pm:
This is bold....and very unlike some experimental stuff that tend to be all about clever production. There is melody in this one. Clever!!!
02/05/08 09:14:51AM @mark-reed:
Novel track this, got bits of everything in it. Not my style, but extremely well put together
02/05/08 02:13:49AM @self-tort:
You sure know how to grab one's attention. Great intro with sensational production. Some really crazy beats, voices and all sorts of things in the next section, then a really powerful ballad feel. Great vocals. There was a real touch of the Bowie in them. Inspired.
02/04/08 09:32:26PM @dazed:
Cool tune William. This track has a bit of everything in it. Great vocals man. Very cool piece. A bit short but a great tune!
02/04/08 09:13:56PM @tlt50:
What !! Nobody, quite knows what to think about you're avantgaurdianship...LOL This track delivers as advertised........WTF could be better ????

wolfie *****

Rob Grant
02/05/08 04:18:54PM @rayon-vert:
I heard this last night at NEXUS and was pretty much blown away. This is a SUPER CREATIVE piece of music and sure fits the title. MAN!! William, not only do you "croon", but write some WILD music. The vox reminded me a little of Bowie and someone's killing me to remember who. Anyway...EXCELLENT! A DEF DL and THANKS for that. :-)

02/05/08 04:59:08PM @bri-an:
One word for TNW (unique) thats where you wanna be Bro!! Yes , heard this on Nexus...the intro did not fool me as to what followed...i knew it was going to different..i just wish the toon was ......longer. enjoyed TNW. yerout there! perfect.
02/06/08 06:43:31PM @pyramis:
SItting here toking on a number,when I ran across this tune William.
Fits my stoned mood very nicely. Like the production man; crisp,clear,concise,and always interesting.

02/05/08 08:28:19PM @henry-tarnecky:
Fun stuff that fits the artistic title dude!
02/05/08 07:51:50PM @rob-hanlon:
Very creative tune. Excellent production and performance.


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