That Never Was
That Never Was

Night Outside

album: That Never Was
genre: Alternative Rock
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Im reading steel woven bibles, markin the pages with crimson tassels. That hang way down!
  Song Information
Night Outside was written by me in 1991 on a fostex 4-track recorder. So for the Halloween song submission I re-recorded it and revamped it for Halloween 2006.
Night Outside
12/28/10 06:41:33PM @mellow-d:
very balanced and totally artful, this has an avant gaurde feeling with a sadistic classic edge... love the sfx and vocals.. killer performance you're just musical genius!
03/22/09 02:36:52PM @david-c-deal:
This song slices on your backbone like a chainsaw carving granite. Good song!
David C Deal

12/04/08 02:01:10PM @jkondrak:
Creepy breathing leading into a gritty rock song. Fantastic. Simple, creative, and to-the-point. The production is great and helps set the mood of a fun live show, and accentuates the great playing.

very good overall

10/01/08 01:37:19PM @slowmarchingband:
The title caught me on this one. This is really different in a very good way! Lot's of twists and turns that make this song extremely interesting and holds my attention! I still can't get over the intro, then Bam!! I love a warped mind man! I think this is a well composed tune.
04/14/08 08:18:20AM @tcp:
I like the style and vibe of this. The vocal works perfectly along with the music and the song holds interest. Nice guitar and love the bass tone. Well done...I enjoyed this William! ~Blake
03/15/08 08:34:02PM @henry-tarnecky:
Vocal poimt of view is nicely skewed and music is suffiently unique to send the same vibe. Genuine art on display with this one... I'm liking your musical mind!
02/26/08 09:42:54AM @east-meets-west-2:
Wow!!!! very interesting sound i like it!!!! Sound effects and guitars and vocal sounds are COLL!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!


Joey B Goode
03/02/08 12:24:46AM @bj:
Great intro, in yer face vocals and backing, nice incidental riffing.
Quirky - excellent!

Rob Grant
11/18/07 05:39:58PM @rayon-vert:
Nice effects...and loved the song with vocal effects. They really added an original sound and style to your music. I really like the theme of the song.....very creative, all around.

11/01/07 06:01:05PM @drums-and-machines:
i can't say ****?
11/01/07 05:52:05PM @drums-and-machines:
the growls get me going right from the start, a simple bass groove and some hop, very well laid out. dig the style. dirty vocals are a personal fave of mine
as sed before, fine **** solo work, succinct
creates a nice sense of it being night outside
the end flow i find poignant and the song, with a groove like that could go 10 minutes and not **** me off
nice work

Trev M
07/26/07 02:07:56PM @trev-m:
Love the quirky nature of this very cool - surely a nod to Zappa ? Great tune!
11/05/06 01:06:52PM @ptho:
Great song, I love the productions. Do you listen to Zappa? Very cool lead.
10/29/06 09:43:51AM @dazed:

Great intro :)

Love the solo work. Played well and was not the focal point of the track hehe. I am digging this track. Great work on the vocals and love the ending on it.


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