That Never Was
That Never Was

Buzzkill in a suit

album: That Never Was
genre: Alternative
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My holiday song submission 2006. - Buzzkill in a suit I worried and Fretted for over two weeks about posting this song. I was not sure if others would...
Buzzkill in a suit
Burning Red Sun
01/10/19 08:40:34PM @burning-red-sun:
Excelence! Once again!
01/18/09 05:32:36AM @mark-reed:
Great song, unfortunately a recurring theme at any time of the year. Good guitar and a super vocal delivery well done
04/14/08 08:24:28AM @tcp:
Terrific mix with the vocals....just right! Love the vox and the progression in this song. Well done! ~Blake
03/15/08 08:29:15PM @henry-tarnecky:
Sincere, brooding, stirring dark vocals sound great... a real nice artistic piece William.
Luca Wulf
02/22/08 12:48:35PM @huge-artist:
Ooh,nice chrous tone :)
The star is the vocal without any doubt!!
EXCELLENT vocal William,from the brooding,introspective early verse,lifting the octive up to add the edge.
GREAT title as well!!
REALLY enjoyed this one mate.
You said in a review you left for me,that you hoped your music ended up like mine when "It grew up"
Seems to me it has grown up,AND,what is always important for me as the listener,is that what I listen to has something to say,and says it in it's own,true,and unique way,and that you accomplish easily mate.


12/23/07 07:45:44PM @vesa:
Very lovely sombre sound; quite different. Like the guitars following your emotive vocals. Great piece. Good lyrics. Interesting textural, with talking in the midground, quite well thought through; well written concept/composition.Well done.
Have a great New Year.
Take care. -Vesa.

12/12/07 07:54:06AM @bri-an: the atmosphere of definately have a style that IS your own...It's great to hear you use it too.
11/12/07 01:49:58PM @rookie:
great track, love the big guitar sound you achieve , nice laid back vocal,
enjoyed this song very much.
all the best dave.

12/24/06 10:50:53AM @mysticpain:
I really dig this tune man! I like the darkness of it.


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