That Never Was
That Never Was

This Velvet Moan

album: That Never Was
genre: Alternative Rock
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And I know The Time Is Right For Me To Trip Into The Light.
This Velvet Moan
Frank Northcutt
01/19/19 10:58:23AM @frank-northcutt:
Another classic, Will. Tripping down memory lane here.
09/16/10 12:04:16PM @mark-reed:
Great song, the intro is deceptive luring you into an easy acoustic track. Then it just explodes. You worked this like an artist with his paints and brushes. A really excellent piece well done
Burning Red Sun
02/08/09 09:51:38PM @burning-red-sun:
This song is a classic Will...I new that the first time I heard it....keep the great songs coming!....Ken
01/19/09 03:38:52PM @vesa:
Like the simple acoustic sound; a pensive mood eminates at the start; two guitars sound cool, fine complimenting filling in the sound quite well. Very solid vocals, nice harmonies, -with a bit of an edge.
Good lyrics...fine soloing seering, cutting through the air like a knife coming down. Great work; great arranging.
EXCELLENT production.
-Like this alot;indeed. -Vesa.

05/16/08 07:55:02AM @tcp:
You kept this song moving so well...very great arrangement. The vocal line and harmony work so well for me. Excellent songwriting William. Very strong! ~Blake
Luca Wulf
03/30/08 10:27:34AM @huge-artist:
I am suprised I haven't reviewed this!!
This is now an internet radio classic IMHO.
The vocals are superb,the whole gothic atmosphere is just top notch as far as I am concerned.
Huge great wall of grining sound,overlapping screaming lead,a thunderous rage just pouring out.
All the while those vocals cut right through.
Excellent lyrics.
Standing ovation mate,this is a classic.

03/15/08 08:24:49PM @henry-tarnecky:
Simple acoustic guitar with overlapping strong vocals are great and then the song kicks in nicely and stays interesting thru and thru musically and lyrically. Nice one!
01/12/08 04:55:47PM @big-peter-white:
I have just heard something stunning, in fact i'm stunned
Dizzy Fingers Ike
01/12/08 02:33:34AM @dizzy-fingers-ike:
William let me start by saying that i {i,m,o,o} think that your one of the better producers on this site, really!

i love your mix, i think your ear is right on!

this song, i loved it the first time i heard it on nexus with ras.

i have a lot of respect for your craft, i think your very talented

12/29/07 06:31:43AM @rookie:
another well crafted song William, love the vocals, and the way it all builds superb stuff mate.


12/08/07 07:57:55AM @bri-an:
This toon is working....cause i find myself hummin it during the NEXUS radio for that)...the presentation and delivery of lyrics (which are great IMO) just keep me intrigued!!, Thats what good toons do!, this one just does it for me.
There's a feeling that is errie- haunting-groove that paints many a picture and is hieghtened further with the mood set by the instramentation.
What gernre would this be classed in???....for me, I'd say.... "great stuff that should be heard by many".
Everything about his toon is kool. Youv'e done very well, William. Excelllent work!.

Rob Grant
11/18/07 05:48:02PM @rayon-vert:
This song has a Steve Wilson feel to it. A FRICKIN' AWESOME TRACK!!! VERY Enjoyable listening

09/03/07 03:16:52PM @brahma:
great thick vocals. i love it. what kind of gear are you using for your vocals?
Trev M
07/26/07 02:10:29PM @trev-m:
Great kick in !!!! Savage cabbage !
Grumpy Old Player
04/25/07 10:42:13AM @thedonsterproject:
Well done! This started as a Blues number, but ended as a haunting tune with some really cool backtracked guitar (big props for that!!) I really liked the backtracked guitar!!
Dylan Thermos
08/24/07 09:03:50AM @dylan-thermos:
Hi Guys, My son lives in Atlanta, Georgia, so I've been there a few times, great place.
I enjoyed the song.Intro acoustic was well recorded and it opened up to become a real piece of music.
Couldn't pigeonhole it so that must be a good thing..........coool tune........Dylan.


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