That Never Was
That Never Was

Awake and Dreaming

album: Awake and Dreaming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Well, for my xmas gift to myself i stayed up all night and started a song around midnight on the 25th then finished it up in a hurry the 26th and posted it....
Awake and Dreaming
01/01/18 04:04:14PM @ms-p:
I consider the new muzik list a Haystack. I go searching for needles in the Proverbial Haystack because sometimes, I find needles that prick my interests in such good ways and this one is no exception.
Love the build. Love the dreamy driftiness of this. I am adding to my playlist and following.
I have to..this is just to good to pass up...

Ms. P

12/28/10 06:39:16PM @mellow-d:
Very dreamy this song has a way of just capturing the essence of a given moment and unfolding it into a blissful resolve, excellent patients and artistry involved!! nicely done!
Lyrical Princess
03/09/09 02:47:03PM @lyrical-princess:
Loving the intro.. Just Beautiful.. And the chiming of all the bells later in the song.. Wow, so much going on.. Feel like I am in one of my own dreams.. One of those that go on forever and continuously changing.. LOL ... Nice X-Mas Gift to ones self.. Really Enjoyed My Listen.. All The Best, LP
03/09/09 12:28:02PM @slowmarchingband:
I've had a few of those "just gotta let it tunes" myself... This sounds very, very nice! Haunting, eerie, and sometimes peaceful. Love the transition! Maybe a visit from the Past, Present,and Future spirits?? LOL! More of those 'moments' please....
03/01/09 09:16:30AM @the-bard-brothers:
The transition from the intro to the sounds at 1:00 is almost too much for me. I can't tell the chords too well for it, but I am supposing they are majors. Would a shift to some minors do the trick?

I, too, hear the Floyd, especially your guitar and bass work at 3:00.

I must applaud your musicianship-- first rate.

Woah, a little Alan Parsons at 4:00, but he was a little whimsical for the sound you have here.

Yep, cool stuff. See what comes of my suggestions, if you believe they have any merit.

12/28/08 04:34:23PM @dazed:
Hey William! Awesome tune man. What a great ride. Loved the bass and guitar work. Absolutely brilliant!
12/28/08 02:03:21PM @tlt50:
Damn'''' Will !! Great intro,awesome progression..... some cool,superb sounscapes,I'm hearing.Love the way this builds and progresses.Your use of keys,guitar and production is excellent.I'm glad you posted this track , bro :-))
Give us some more,my friend...!!!


12/28/08 11:32:41AM @test200:
This track is a maze of emotion and sound. An easy intro but quickly your mind is lost in the unsettling dream. It gets intense as the guitar rises and sounds get more dramatic. Nice effect on the guitar, it fully opens up to a rock outtro which is your escape route. Cool journey from dream to reality..nice one!!
Rob Grant
12/29/08 12:53:23PM @rayon-vert:
TNW!!!! William........SUPERB!!! Very creative, as always from you. This song kept me on the edge of my seat, in anticipation of what was to come. You really did an excellent job with everything. KUDOS!!!! I liked the cucumber helicopter attack simulator.


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