That Never Was
That Never Was


album: Butter
genre: Alternative Rock
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Butter:   I have a Buzzing in my head And im feeling like ive just been had    Theres been a freight train here     I cant see clear, And Ive been had I...
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Bri-an on Drums,  Brilliant Mixing, Sounds, Producer That Never Was, Guitar, Bass, Vox   Cover Art Work By:   Justjulz   She made this not hearing the song,...
Frank Northcutt
01/19/19 10:51:55AM @frank-northcutt:
Oh, this brings back so many great memories, Will. Wonderful to hear it again. Hope you're doing well.
10/17/09 12:03:03AM @the-jet-black-project:
Wow! This is pretty freaking amazing. Especially when you kicked it into high around the three minute mark. Amazing production.
10/12/09 08:02:14AM @schule-der-nacht:
Thanks for the tip - great exposition, right up my street. Really floated and drifted off with this feel - spread it thick! ftlpope
03/06/09 12:01:29PM @austn:
Wild guitar churnZ with the Xplosive drum traX...swelling organ is sweet with it's strong Ntense conterpart/contrast and the deso electric guitar on fore fills R sonic gems of Mbellishment 2 the attitude that the emotional/agressive vocal performance is protraying and displaying...precussive pan swells R of awesome FX and this is some thick butter on the bread my friend...WOW Ntense arrangement of production arrangement with attitude 2 the mMAX...~Austn
Chris Georgiou
03/04/09 06:49:46AM @chris-georgiou:
Great feel,space,performance great song. I like your music cause you have no borderlines in your writing. Butter is a very inspiring work within a lot of influences, but it always has its own spirit and thats great. Wonderfull work....shine on...Chris
03/01/09 12:06:30PM @buddrumming:
Hey...Great Job....its a rockin pretty good...yep... i like the vocals and drumming....good stuff...Thx, Bud
03/01/09 09:49:16AM @hydrogen3:
Nice slide Guitar in the beginning!!! Love the mix with vocals, keyboard, guitars & drums. Fantastic Guitar solos!! Thanks for sharin! Holley :)
03/01/09 05:56:15AM @mel:
Loved the vocals on this and wonderful instrumentals. It had a sort of psychedelic feel to it all. Great lyrics too - 'There's been a freight train here', loved that! Wishing you well, Melsi
03/01/09 04:36:11AM @gordon-leed:
Nice job! Well played and performed. Thanks for the invite!! Gordon
bill b
02/28/09 11:01:31AM @bill-b:
Butter. I generally like the song. Some good sounds there and a great concept. Very claustraphobic or constricting in overall effect, Towards the end the track could have used a bit more "air" in the EQ for better contrast and clarity. Vocal track was very effective in its application albeit somewhat dated. I feel the guitar solo is the real butter on this bread. The world always needs quality guitar work like this to keep it real. Fine work.
02/28/09 09:50:24AM @jelly:
Bri-an and William, this is a wonderful alternative rock track!
Awesome production!
Great Collab Guys!

Neda/Jelly Records

02/28/09 09:20:14AM @soundtrapper:
Alright! Love to hear great musicians reach out and have it work. This works for me. Hat's off guys, great sounds.

02/28/09 09:08:04AM @david-c-deal:
No Seroquel to calm down this song. Great expression of the desperation and confusion the mind can experience at the worst of times. I enjoyed the "build", especially with the last guitar lead. Power drums as well.
David C Deal

Rob Grant
02/28/09 07:42:24AM @rayon-vert:
WOW!! Well worth waiting to hear from you. It's been a long time, BRO!!! Brian, your drums are KILER!!! LOVE 'EM!! William, everthing about the song deserves a SUPER CREATIVE KUDOS. Your vocals are emotional to the mood of each section of the song....and done very well. The guitar and bass work is just WILD and I loved every moment of the song. GREAT JOB, GUYS!!

02/27/09 11:46:25PM @tlt50:
Gents..... Bri-an and Will..... outstanding track.Diplaying superb musicianship,creativity and the williness to live on the edge.Awesome production... superb performances... Glad you shared this .... Kudos..... :-))


02/27/09 09:51:36AM @blue-sahara:
Oh man, folks - this is awesome!! Superb, fantastic guitar work coming at me from all sides (= phones). The drums are beyond excellent, Brian ... wow! William, vocals are extraordinary! This song is right down my alley - I'm lovin' it! Great composition, great arrangement, great ideas - very creative!

02/27/09 12:52:20AM @digger-stone:
everything that selftort said and!

there's only one way to reach the place this mad man is at! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

i'm ther right now fellas! awsome! great song!


02/26/09 09:39:17PM @self-tort:
Heard this yesterday on nexusradio. THe title inspired some rather risque comments and mentions of Marlon Brando, but better here to concentrate on the music. Love Bri-an's live drums and William's vocals are right on the money. Love the tone of the organ.The drums, organ and guitar build together superbly. Some freakish gguitar work too William. Very innovative and quite confrontational but a heck of a piece of work.



03/02/09 01:23:46PM @rookie:
great live feel, loved this right from the start,drums sounded great as did the keyboards and guitar solos.
the vocals William were outstanding, great track boys.

Cees de Jager
10/12/09 07:52:08AM @cees-de-jager:
Verry nice track, little psychedelic 70`s sound.
Like the heavy drums and the fx on the vocals.
Verry nicely done!

Blue Period Blues
03/13/09 10:08:25AM @ramperampe:
I'm sorry...When I see the word butter my mind wanders of to Marlon Brando in Last Tango In Paris...But I might not be far off the mark.All this rage... What a mother of a song you've made !After the intro explosion there was this controlled anger in your voice...that makes it more violent...the way you spit out the words...And then that guitar was stunned I guess...Straight to my fav's list...And yes there's nothing like a fantastic real drummer to give a song that extra push...
02/28/09 04:47:56PM @slowmarchingband:
This was a wild ride... Percussion sounds very good. Slide/regular guitar playing is killer. Excellent vox. There are times when the instrumental levels over-shadowed the vox, but a little tweaking would fix that. Really good song!
03/12/09 06:51:12PM @digger-stone:
damn bro what a cool ass track!
03/07/09 10:00:53AM @saladin-de-tolosa:
i feel very impressed by the whole performance


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