That Never Was
That Never Was


album: That Never Was
genre: Avantgarde
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Every day I wake up weary to the bone, in my 8 by 10 cell of featureless stone.  And I think I wish I could have left you alone. But every day I think of...
12/28/10 06:45:11PM @mellow-d:
vibrantly deep I found myself totally immersed in the music, swimming through your harmonies... love how balanced the mix down is, just a true pleasantly euphoric emotional creation!
03/12/08 07:37:29AM @stu:
yeah... this is a good track... very progressive... really like it..!!
kinda fuses a lot of stuff... and i even get that 'sparklehorse' type vocal.
love the production... love the guitar panning... nice one..!!

02/26/08 09:51:33AM @east-meets-west-2:


Global Trancemission
02/23/08 02:56:15PM @global-trancemission:
Nice track....this is very progrock. Got touches of later Pink Floyd about about it but is definitely unique and creative.Good variation and style on the guitars and your vocals are good too. Big string arrangements and a huge upfront production make this track really powerful.An excellent song too.
02/13/08 01:24:50PM @henry-harrington:
This song is just brilliant! Everything works here.
01/22/08 12:13:47AM @soul-sketch:
everyday is beautiful.. it sucked me in at the beginning.. some great guitar playing :)
01/12/08 05:05:46PM @big-peter-white:
Such beautifull playing, I fail to see the Avantgarde tag this is very commercial.
01/03/08 12:58:45AM @tlt50:
This is a beautifully produced song. WOW !! The flow and the epic soundscape is fantastic.
Superb guitar work ,solid drums and textured ambient tracks fill this song with all the right incredients to provide the awesome vocals with the perfect stage to deliver an outstanding
Listen, Excellent,
Larry T.......

05/18/08 07:13:21PM @hydrogen3:
This is so far my favorite! very nicely put together! Holley :)
11/25/07 08:53:47AM @syntopia-music:
this is a beautiful track, i love the warm guitar and the sound . Great emotional track. The vocals are so cool. Great work
Rob Grant
11/18/07 05:43:33PM @rayon-vert:
TNW!!! Really enjoying this track. You have a very current prog sound on this. I REALLY like your vox effects. The orchestral backing is superb. A definite Fave.

11/13/07 11:31:21AM @bri-an:
...very theatrical delivery with the orchestration and the distorted vocals... painting with audio..some kool dynamics you got going mister!! very creative! i like it!!
11/03/07 06:13:16PM @corrado-rossi:
Beautiful song, very interesting and perfectly developed...
Sounds not so new but the global mood is very very good.
Guitars and synths make an impressive work, very enjoyable.
Tha voice sounds good, sometimes reminds me of David Gilmour even for the global song's "style".
Nice production and general mix.
Well, enjoyed for sure!
Cheers, Corrado :)

11/02/07 01:29:42PM @l33ta:
i really, really, REALLY like how this whole track flows!!! just a brilliant peice, well thought out and produced. oh! and let's not forget how great the guitar playing sounds!!!
09/09/07 02:41:58PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wow, this is wonderful William. So dreamy and luscious. Great intro and the song takes me on a journey from start to end! Love that AM sound on the vox as well!


09/08/07 09:17:29PM @brahma:
great tune. real chill with a lot of depth to it. good stuff!!!
09/08/07 09:07:11PM @dazed:
william this is fantastic. The opening guitar playing is beyond good. I could easily hear the scorps using that to open up a song before it kicks in. Stellar!

This is just a great tune. Let me ask you. Were to vocals done that way for effect or were you trying to mask your vocals? Just curious because your vocals sound good. I am really digging this track. The keys, guitar work everything.

Seriously this surprised the hell out of me.


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